1. Enter your information

First, you need to fill in basic personal information to confirm your profile and identity. Also, do not forget to enter the correct phone number and email as we will send you updates such as application acceptance, application confirmation, and shipping.



2. Upload your proofs

The second very important is to send documents to prove your application. We need to confirm that you are participating in a government assistance program by uploading verification documents. The documents you submit are verified through a system from the government called National Verifier. Necessary documents such as:

1. Certificate of participation in the government subsidy program (Medicaid card)

2. Driving license.

Rest assured that all documents you upload are confidential and are verified through the government system.

3. Select your free smartphone

The final step is to choose your favorite free phone. The newest and best phone models that Cintex offers for free are iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6. However, space is limited, so early registrants will receive first. Other than that, you can still choose from other good smartphones.
We always make sure the phone you receive is in good working order and has a secure internet connection.
Please contact us if you have any questions.